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Strong material for all cases
A material full of possibilities: BMS is indispensable in the house, in road transport and in the construction and electrical industry - whether as material for headlights and bodywork parts for vehicle construction, or as a material for the manufacture of irons and house connection boxes. With its excellent properties BMC is versatile. The semi-finished product with a doughy consistency can be processed in compression moulding, injection moulding, compression spray process and injection compression moulding.

The plastic does not only stand out due to its particular hardness and excellent malleability. Its special features are in the detail: the material gains brownie points with its excellent mechanical, chemical, thermal and electrical properties. Products made of Bulk Moulding Compound are flame retardant, dimensionally stable, paintable and permeable for radio waves. Prefabricated components made of the material are impact resistant, high tensile and bend resistant. At the same time, it shows the best insulating capability and a high dielectric strength, leakage current and arc resistance.

These advantages make BMC an optimum material for the mass production of components in the industry. We deliver BMC packaged in gas-tight bags and specially adapted to your requirements. It is not only the material that is excellent, but also our service. We will adjust the materials tailor-made for you optimally to your production conditions on location.  

BMC for the best products
• Reflectors
• Cylinder head covers
• House connection boxes
• Mini circuit breakers
• Bearing shields
• Securing rails
• Insulators
• Household appliances



Did you know that...

...SMC and BMC retain their strength even in external uses for decades and even in wind and weather? That is why these materials are used for control panels, emergency telephones, facing panels and in the garden.