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Efficient material for the electrical industry

Insulation plates, house connection boxes and busbars: due to its excellent electrical and fire safety properties, CIC is mainly used in the electrical industry. The positive shatter resistance of CIC is advantageous in the case of a short circuit.

CIC is a hybrid of BMC and SMC. The material displays high mechanical parameters in the case of a high level automation of the processing. CIC is manufactured using machines with particularly fibre conserving moistening processes. The fibre lengths of 25mm correspond to the dimensions of SMC. Just like BMC, CIC is processed in the injection moulding and compression moulding procedures. It is excellently suited for the injection compression moulding process. In order that the good mechanical parameters of CIC remain intact, the compound is inserted into the tool very carefully.

CIC – electrifying use
• Insulation plates
• Busbars
• House connection boxes
• Selector shafts

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