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Use for efficient materials
Telephone boxes, kitchen sinks and the bonnet of the car: SMC is used everywhere where high mechanical strength and rigidity is required. SMC is a moulding material made of basic glass fibre reinforced UP resins and is therefore also called resin compound or prepreg. Its long life is extraordinary since the plastic retains its strength even in external uses for decades.

Since the 60s the excellent electrical properties of the material have been used industrially, for example in cable distribution boxes. SMC started in the automotive industry in the 70s. Best example: the bumpers of the Renault R5 were made of SMC. SMC offers versatile design possibilities, a high surface quality and can be processed in the warm and hot press procedure. We supply the extraordinary construction material as a semi-finished product in rolls and therefore it is the ideal material for large area mouldings.

SMC – Excellent material in the factory
• Passenger vehicle and HGV construction
• Bonnets
• Boot lids

• Cylinder head covers
• Engine encloser in engine bay and exhaust area

• Tractor roofs
• Inside and outside trim
• Telephone boxes
• Electrical control boxes
• Insulation plates
• Kitchen sinks
• Tablets
• Industrial vacuum cleaner housing
• Light shafts for cellars



Did you know that...

...SMC and BMC retain their strength even in external uses for decades and even in wind and weather? That is why these materials are used for control panels, emergency telephones, facing panels and in the garden.