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SMC: Sheet Moulding Compound - also called resin compound or prepreg in Germany.

SMC is a moulding material based on glass fibre reinforced UP resin. This type of thermoset goes on sale in rolls wound round a core with a weight of approx. 0.3 - 0.5t.

5 SMC types are normed in accordance with DIN 16913. There are also a large number of non normed SMC recipes, tailor-made for the relevant use.

SMC is delivered in a workable state and is processed into moulded parts under pressure and temperature in steel tools.

The industrial use of SMC began in the first half of the 60s. In uses such as cable distribution boxes, linear luminaires and various parts for the electroinsulation sector, the generally excellent electrical properties of the material are used.

At the start of the 70s, SMC entered the automotive industry, here the bumpers of the Renault R5 have to be mentioned, which was one of the largest uses in Europe. Together with the models R11, R14 and further parts, max. 50-60t/day were processed by Renault.

Overview of uses of SMC:

Passenger car and HGV sector:
Bumpers, oil sumps, cylinder head covers, bonnets, boot lids, engine encloser, stone chip protection

House connection boxes, cable distribution boxes, inner trimming, window frames, circuit breakers, mini circuit breakers, outer trimming, power contactors, insulation plates, linear luminaires, telephone boxes, recycling container base, industrial vacuum cleaner casings...

Here you can find the SMC areas of use as a PDF download.

Here you can find the SMC UL listing.


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