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Knowledge for your company and the environment

The Lorenz recycling concept
Sustainability and environmentally friendly trading are a given for us - and for more than ten years. For you and your products we have developed a polished recycling concept, which we are consistently optimising. With our extensive knowledge and innovative recycling technology you bring production waste from SMC and BMC back into the raw material cycle and thereby conserve resources. The best for you and the environment: in the production of construction components from BMC we supply you with the eco-balance of our materials with all evidence if required.

Our solution for the recycling of SMC/BMC is as effective as it is simple. We shred the material gently, so that the glass fibres remain as well preserved as possible. In this way we obtain fractions of top class quality, which can be reused as a source material for SMC and BMC without a problem.

Environmentally friendly transport
The environment does not fall by the wayside with us. Therefore we have constructed an environmentally friendly container: the LoBox made of glass fibre reinforced plastics. The transport boxes can be stacked on top of and inside each other to save space. We supply you with materials in the LoBox - you send recycling materials back to us in the containers or stack the empty LoBoxes inside each other until collection from your company. In this way empty trips are avoided and the environment is spared.

Did you know that...

....SMC and BMC enable electrical conductivity in the end product? Due to special additives, the resistance in BMC/SMC can be significantly reduced. Therefore the high quality insulating material conducts the electrical current.