Know-how for your company and the environment

The Lorenz recycling concept
Sustainability and environmentally friendly action are a matter of course for us - and have been for more than ten years. We have developed a sophisticated recycling concept for you and your products, which we are constantly optimizing. With our comprehensive know-how and innovative recycling technology, you can put SMC and BMC production waste back into the raw material cycle and conserve resources in the process. The best thing for you and the environment: When producing components made of BMC, we can provide you with the life cycle assessment of our material, including all certificates, on request.

Efficient recycling process
Our solution for recycling SMC/BMC is as effective as it is simple. We shred the material gently so that the glass fibers are preserved as much as possible. In this way, we obtain first-class quality fractions that can easily be reused as raw material for SMC and BMC.

Environmentally friendly transportation
The environment does not fall by the wayside with us. That's why we have designed an environmentally friendly transport container: the LoBox made of gas-fiber-reinforced plastics. The transport boxes can be stacked on top of and inside each other to save space. We deliver material to you in the LoBox - you send recycling materials back to us in the containers or stack the empty LoBoxes inside each other until they are collected from your company. This avoids empty runs and protects the environment.