BMC – Bulk Moulding Compound

Strong fabric for all occasions
A material full of possibilities: BMC is indispensable in the household, in road traffic and in the construction and electrical industries - whether as a material for headlights and body parts for vehicle construction, or as a material for the manufacture of irons and domestic junction boxes. With its outstanding properties, BMC is extremely versatile. The semi-finished product has a dough-like consistency and can be processed by compression molding, injection molding, injection compression molding and injection compression molding.

The plastic is not only characterized by its special hardness and excellent formability. Its special features are in the details: the material scores with outstanding mechanical, chemical, thermal and electrical properties. Products made from bulk molding compound are flame-retardant, dimensionally stable, paintable and permeable to radio waves. Molded parts made from the material are impact, tensile and bending resistant. At the same time, they have excellent insulating properties and high dielectric strength, tracking resistance and arc resistance.

These advantages make BMC the ideal material for the mass production of components in industry. We supply BMC packaged in gas-tight bags and specially tailored to your requirements. Not only the material is strong, but also our service. We adapt your customized materials optimally to your production conditions.

BMC for the best products
• Reflectors
• Cylinder head cover
• House connection boxes
• LS switches
• Bearing plates
• Fuse strips
• Insulators
• Household appliances

Description BMC

Bulk Moulding Compound (= DMC Dought Moulding Compound)

A doughy material which is sold in gas-tight bags of 15 to 20 kg.

Applications from BMC: Passenger cars: Reflectors, headlights, valve covers.

Electrical: House connection boxes.