Efficient material for the electrical industry

Insulating panels, junction boxes and busbars: Due to its excellent electrical and fire protection properties, CIC is mainly used in the electrical industry. The positive splintering behavior of CIC in the event of a short circuit is an advantage.

CIC is a hybrid of BMC and SMC. The material has high mechanical properties and can be processed with a high degree of automation. CIC is produced using machines with a particularly fiber-friendly wetting process. The fiber lengths of 25 mm correspond to the dimensions of SMC. Like BMC, CIC is processed by injection molding and compression molding. It is excellently suited to the injection compression molding process. To ensure that the good mechanical properties of CIC are retained, the compound is introduced into the mold with particular care.

CIC - Electrifying application
• Insulating panels
• Busbars
• House connection boxes
• Switching shafts